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Start a New Career At Any Age

Welcome to our School, a leading institution dedicated to online learning and training.
We take pride in our exceptional reputation for hypnotherapy instruction, drawing eager students
from more than 90 countries worldwide.

Whether you’re embarking on your hypnotherapy journey for the first time or come equipped with previous experience, our online courses present a thorough and enlightening exploration of the fascinating realm of hypnotic science.

Comprehensive Training at the Hypnotherapy School

In our commitment to enriching your educational experience, we place a premium on flexibility. We offer the convenience of online scheduling and personalized, one-on-one training sessions tailored to your unique needs. Furthermore, our hypnotherapy programs cater to individuals at any stage of life, making our courses suitable for a wide range of learners. If you’re seeking more comprehensive details regarding our online courses, don’t hesitate to delve deeper into our resources.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of our Course Overview and Admission process.

Hypnotherapy School

Discover What's Inside Our Course Overview: Your Guide to Learning Success

“Explore our comprehensive online hypnotherapy courses, and delve into the world of hypnotherapy with confidence as our Course Overview offers in-depth information about our curriculum, enabling you to embark on a successful journey.”


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Education Without Prerequisites: No Previous School Needed

“Enroll in the ideal online hypnotherapy school, which welcomes students without any prior educational prerequisites. Moreover, our accessible hypnotherapy program provides comprehensive training and certification, empowering individuals to master the art of hypnotherapy from the ground up. Therefore, you can unleash your potential and embark on a fulfilling journey in the field of hypnotherapy, free from any prior educational constraints.”

Learn Milton Erickson's methods

Ericksonian Techniques

Discover our online hypnotherapy school, which offers courses that incorporate Milton H. Erickson’s methods. Consequently, you can gain expertise in hypnotherapy with a curriculum rooted in Ericksonian techniques for effective practice.




Sigmund Freud's - The Synergy Between Psychotherapy And Hypnotherapy

We blend the wisdom of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis with contemporary hypnotherapy techniques. Our curriculum emphasizes the profound influence of Freud’s insights on understanding the subconscious mind. Sigmund Freud’s groundbreaking work in psychoanalysis greatly influenced the development of hypnotherapy. ENTER HERE

Hypnotherapy School - Online Learning

Study From Any Place At Any Time

Our private one-on-one hypnotherapy courses are peaceful and not stressful, allowing you to learn with peace of mind. Studying and learning in a state of complete relaxation is an ideal approach to maximize your educational experience. Firstly, it allows for heightened focus and concentration. Moreover, it fosters a stress-free environment, which enhances information retention. Additionally, this tranquil learning atmosphere encourages creativity and promotes sustainable, effective study habits. ENTER HERE

We Guarantee That You Will Pass The Exam

At our hypnotherapy school, we offer a rock-solid guarantee of your success on the exam. Our teaching approach ensures your comprehensive understanding of every lesson, making certain that you are fully prepared to excel and pass with flying colors. Your success is our priority.


Hypnotherapy School

Your session will help people addressing a range of health  conditions.

Practicing hypnotherapy as a profession feels incredibly rewarding. Witnessing the positive transformations in people’s lives
and knowingthat
your guidance empowers them to overcome challenges brings a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Hypnotherapy has proven effective in addressing a range of health conditions, from managing anxiety, depression, trauma, quit smoking , weight loss. chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Its holistic approach offers powerful potential for healing and improving overall well-being.

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hypnotherapy school in Vancouver bc-Canada

This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a professional hypnotherapist. From hypnosis fundamentals and how to do therapy, through to setting up your hypnotherapy business and even doing online hypnotherapy sessions, this course gives you everything you need to get started.

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courses for seniors in Canada

hypnotherapy school

Take your hypnotherapy skills and career to new heights with our comprehensive course. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming to enhance your expertise, our program equips you with the essential knowledge and tools for success in the realm of hypnotherapy.
For a detailed Course Overview, please click here.

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hypnotherapy school

Full Time or Part Time Study

School of Hypnotherapy

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Study Online From Any Place At Any Time

“We’re dedicated to providing top-tier hypnotherapy education. Our unwavering commitment to quality training is matched by our rigorous student selection process, rooted in respect and integrity. Experience excellence in hypnosis science education with us.”

"Exellence in Educatuion"
International Healing Clinic - ALTERNATIVE-THERAPIES

International Healing Clinic Inc.

The Hypnotherapy Certification Course is proudly offered by International Healing Clinic Inc., a renowned leader in the realm of alternative therapies and a recipient of global accolades in this field. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, our respected institution is committed to selecting students based on values of respect and integrity. In line with our core belief in the limitless potential of every individual, we are dedicated to fostering a unique learning experience for each student, regardless of their age. Consequently, we invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us. All we require from you is the passion to learn, and we’ll handle the rest of your education in the science of Hypnosis.


We provide Professional Hypnotherapy Courses that incorporate methods employed by Mental Health Practitioners and Hypnotherapists. Furthermore, these courses are conducted through our Online hypnotherapy school, creating a supportive and immersive learning environment for students.

Online Learning School


This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a professional hypnotherapist. Starting with hypnosis fundamentals and how to do therapy, it progresses through to setting up your hypnotherapy business and even doing online hypnotherapy sessions, ensuring this course provides you with everything you need to get started.   Admission

online courses for seniors

“Let age not limit your potential achievements. Instead, consider enrolling in our course today to unlock a multitude of opportunities. Our senior-focused hypnotherapy course eliminates age as a hindrance. Regardless of your age, you can conveniently access learning from the comfort of your home.”  ENTER HERE

Hypnotherapy School

In the dynamic field of mental health and personal development, a multitude of modalities and approaches emerge as instrumental agents of transformation. Firstly, hypnosis, with its ability to unlock the gateway to the subconscious mind, forms the bedrock for an array of therapeutic methods, offering a window into our innermost thoughts and behaviors. Additionally, alongside hypnosis stands hypnotherapy, a closely related discipline that leverages the power of the altered state of consciousness to address specific issues and reshape ingrained habits. Furthermore, in tandem with traditional psychotherapy, this multifaceted approach creates a holistic framework for healing and personal growth. What adds to the intrigue, moreover, is the infusion of neuroscience, where the ever-evolving comprehension of the brain’s workings amplifies the effectiveness of these therapeutic interventions

Furthermore, within the enigmatic realm of quantum consciousness, there is a deep exploration of the profound interconnectedness of the human mind and the broader universe. Moreover, techniques like NLP and HBMD expand our arsenal for effecting positive change. In addition, regression therapy delves into the depths of our past experiences to illuminate their influence on our present well-being. Collectively, these diverse modalities construct a comprehensive landscape, offering individuals a multitude of avenues for profound personal transformation.

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Total Course Fee: $2,800 - ALL INCLUSIVE.
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