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Hypnotherapy Course Overview

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Hypnotherapy Course Overview

Hypnotherapy Course Overview: This Hypnosis Certification Course blends theory with practical applications, to give students a foundation of knowledge on which to build their skills. The course is Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest hypnosis organization (established 1951) in the world. A growing number of members also have academic qualifications in fields such as doctors, surgeons, medicine, nursing, dentistry, psychology and counseling. Admission   Fees and Payments

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Hypnotherapy School Education Program

In the program, you’ll delve into a wide array of critical topics, including:

  1. Hypnosis Theory & History: First and foremost, you will gain profound insights into the theory and the fascinating historical evolution of hypnosis.

  2. Client Intake: Moreover, you’ll explore effective techniques for conducting comprehensive client assessments, establishing a strong foundation that is essential for your practice.

  3. Preliminary Tests & Exercises: Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various practical exercises and tests specifically designed to effectively prepare clients for their upcoming hypnotherapy sessions.

  4. Mastering the Art of Hypnosis: As you progress, you will acquire the essential skills and knowledge needed to confidently and skillfully induce a hypnotic state in your clients.

  5. Deepening the Hypnotic State: Going beyond the basics, you’ll discover advanced techniques that have the capacity to significantly enhance and deepen the hypnotic experience for your clients.

  6. Effective Hypnotherapy Techniques: Your training will provide access to a wide array of proven hypnotherapy techniques. These techniques are invaluable for effectively addressing various issues and challenges that your clients may face.

  7. Hypnotherapy Practice Management: Alongside your clinical skills, you will gain valuable insights into effectively managing a successful hypnotherapy practice. This knowledge ensures the sustainability and growth of your practice in the long run.

  8. Marketing Your Hypnotherapy Practice: Finally, you’ll learn strategic approaches to market your hypnotherapy services effectively. These strategies are designed to help you expand your reach and maximize your impact in the field of hypnotherapy.

Learn Milton Erickson's methods

Hypnotherapy School Training


Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Quantum, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), HBMD (Hypno Behavioural Mind Directions).

Hypnotherapy Course Overview: Methods

In mental health and personal development, diverse approaches facilitate positive change. Hypnosis is a gateway to the subconscious, complemented by hypnotherapy addressing specific issues. When combined with psychotherapy, it offers holistic growth. Neuroscience enhances therapies, while quantum consciousness explores mind-universe interconnectedness. Techniques like NLP and HBMD expand our toolkit, and regression therapy uncovers past experiences. These modalities form a comprehensive landscape for transformation.

Hypnotherapy Training Center

We also explore various critical aspects:
The Conscious & Subconscious Mind: You’ll gain insights into the functioning of both the conscious and subconscious mind, setting the stage for effective hypnotherapy.
Inducing Hypnosis and Working with Clients Under Hypnosis: Delve into the techniques and methods for inducing hypnosis and guiding clients through the hypnotic experience.
Addressing Diverse Issues: Our program covers a wide spectrum of concerns, including anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, habits, weight loss, cancer care, stroke recovery, regressions, and smoking cessation, among others.
Running Consultations:
Learn how to conduct consultations effectively, ensuring you provide the best care for your clients.
Specialist Techniques:
Explore advanced techniques such as inner child work and gestalt therapy, expanding your skill set for more specialized hypnotherapy approaches.”

Hypnotherapy Course Overview

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What will you learn?

Hypnotherapy Course Overview

  • Theoretical foundations and perspectives
  • Historical and contemporary theoretical perspectives, transpersonal perspectives, psychology, process, counselling skills, the mind, the mind/ body connection, ethics, Bill of Rights, session structure, record keeping.
  • Client intake.
  • Factors influencing induction.
  • Case history taking, contra-indications,  BASICS assessment, goal setting and GIFT technique, informed consent.
  • Preliminary suggestibility tests and warm-up exercises.   Course Overview

Hypnotherapy Course Overview

  • Creating the hypnotic state.
  • How to hypnotise, inductions (rapid, authoritarian, permissive, tactile, confusional), deepening the state, distraction management, trance depth assessment, awakening and re-alerting.
  • Working in the hypnotic state.
  • Symptom management (including stress, weight, pain, smoking cessation, anger, assertiveness, phobias)
  • Using suggestions, truisms, questions and negatives.
  •  Ego strengthening techniques.
  •  Hypnotherapeutic techniques.
  • Behavioural: anchoring; breathing; direct suggestions.
  •  Analytical: parts; dissociation; stage dissociation; ego state; IMR techniques; dreams; automatic writing; the mask; wise old person)
  • Regression: free floating; specific; past life.
  •  Pseudo orientation in time: free floating; specific.
  • Ericksonian: language patterns; metaphors.
  • Teaching self-hypnosis.
  • Practice management and marketing.
  • Your practice, insurance, marketing, running hypnosis courses.
Our Teaching

Hypnotherapy Course Overview: Teaching is provided in a supportive fun online classroom environment. Each day will include theoretical lectures, presentations and discussions, together with practical demonstrations, and practice of techniques. You can expect 14 full fun days of training. The Professional hypnosis training offered by Iternational Healing Clinic to our Hypnotherapy School is packed with the very methods practiced by Mental Health Practitioners and Hypnotherapists and delivered in a supportive and immersive way. 

You learn and experience hypnosis, trance and therapeutic hypnotic techniques that allow you to work with your own clients, the day you graduate. This course is taught by an NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Master Hypnotist. He teaches you step-by-step in the actual techniques he uses in his own, successful practice. This Professional Hypnosis Certification Course meets all of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) exam requirements.

Hypnotherapy and Psychoanalisis

Hypnotherapy Instruction CenterOur approach seamlessly integrates Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis wisdom with cutting-edge contemporary hypnotherapy techniques. This unique fusion empowers us to deliver a holistic therapeutic experience, enriching the lives of our clients. Moreover, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on the profound impact of Freud’s groundbreaking insights into the subconscious mind. This emphasis ensures that our students acquire a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles shaping our practice.

Sigmund Freud

sigmund freud, freud, psychoanalysisSigmund Freud, a pioneering figure in the field of psychoanalysis, has left an enduring mark on the evolution of hypnotherapy. His work not only revolutionized the field but also played an instrumental role in propelling the therapeutic applications of hypnosis. Indeed, Freud’s meticulous exploration of the unconscious mind laid the very cornerstone for comprehending the therapeutic potential inherent in hypnosis.

Hence, when we discuss the integration of Freudian principles into our hypnotherapy practice, we allude to a profound methodology that delves deeply into the intricacies of the human psyche. By embracing Freud’s principles, we essentially unlock a gateway to the innermost recesses of the mind, equipping ourselves to address a diverse array of psychological and emotional issues with precision and effectiveness.

Hypnotherapy School

Furthermore, this integration doesn’t merely serve as an academic exercise; rather, it embodies a practical approach that empowers us to create well-rounded treatment plans for our clients. Consequently, our therapists actively guide clients along their path to self-discovery, armed with a versatile toolkit that incorporates both Freudian psychoanalysis and the latest hypnotherapy techniques. This approach guarantees that we can cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, allowing us to tailor each client’s therapeutic experience to their unique circumstances.

In summary, our practice thrives at the intersection of Freudian wisdom and modern therapeutic innovation. This seamless fusion empowers us to offer a comprehensive and efficient approach to healing and personal growth, ensuring our clients discover the support they need on their journey to well-being.

Your Instructor

Online Hypnotherapy Course for Seniors

About DHP.Lazzaro Pisu

Lazzaro is originally from Italy and lives in Vancouver, BC. He is a health care practitioner in the fields of alternative therapies: Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Walk Talk Therapy, HBMD, CBTV, Music Therapy, Chromotherapy, Quantum, and Neuroscience. Lazzaro is also a trainer for the NGH guild(USA), the oldest guild in the world, with members in over 90 countries, and teach hypnotherapy classes in the city of Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles. 

Over the past years to the present day DHP.Lazzaro Pisu have helped thousands of private patients at all levels, from a variation of work places and experienced sectors, and based on the effective of his sessions he built a respectable practice and name, and his clients are not only from Canada but from around the world. 

Lazzaro developed a mental care method for the minds of this millennium, where science, technology, and the human mind join together. A method that works applying the human senses and that bypasses the way we analyze our thoughts, feelings and emotions. DHP.Lazzaro Pisu has won many awards for his work. in USA, UK, and Canada.  LazzaroPisu.com 

Hypnotherapy Course Overview

Hypnotherapy Course Overview: When you complete your training with the hypnotherapy school, you develop skills in understanding how to remedy various issues and how best to affect positive change in challenging situations with a variety of different subjects. You learn how to manage a hypnotherapy practice, how to market your business effectively and also to improve your general communication skills.
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School Enrolment at the Hypnotherapy School

These skills are particularly useful if your intended occupation is within the healthcare industry, but also provides a very advantageous foundation if you intend to progress onto further studies.

Hypnotherapy Course Overview

Many NGH graduates go on to become professional self-employed hypnotherapists, others are employed by various institutions, or as professional hypnotherapists within their own chosen industry. Total Course Fee: $2,800 –  

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